So by now I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s active wear line. What I didn’t know, until about a week ago, is that they offer a plus size line. Naturally skeptical, I took advantage of the 2 for 24 to see if they were as amazing as they looked. Well, they arrived and I tried them on and fell in love! They are absolutely amazing! After countless disappointments in the realm of plus size active wear I couldn’t believe how right they got it. However there are some downsides. The 2 for 24 deal is obviously amazing, but at a whopping $50 or more per pair after the intro deal, they’re more than I’d ever like to spend on leggings. With that said, definitely take advantage of the discount! Another note is that the sizing is a bit off. Now, this could have been a result of my skepticism and thinking that they would run small. Their plus sizing goes xxl (18-20), 1x (18), 2x (20), 3x (22-24). I typically wear an 18-20 depending on what kind of a bottom it is, and at Old Navy, I wear an xl in leggings (highly recommend their active wear, by the way). I went with a 2x to be on the safe side and they fit well, but I probably could have gone with an xxl or a 1x. Overall, totally worth it!